Who created VCstack?

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June 11th, 2020.

So I've invested in hundreds of companies over the past 15 years. Some people jokingly tell me I have more data in my head than Pitchbook and CB Insights combined. Lots of founders who I've talked to have asked me who are the best VCs and angels to approach, based on the results of my investments (>10 unicorns). It's tough to say. There's simply no "best VC" for everyone. It all depends on what type of funding fits your company. Maybe you do not need a VC at all. I tell founders to read about (and listen to) VCs and angels before reaching out. Do your homework. Saves everybody a lot of time. By creating this simple directory, I hope founders have somewhat of a headstart in the funding-maze.

If you want to know more about me, check out my website, follow me on Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn. And I recently started a syndicate on AngelList. I expect to bring some of my best European deals there. You can follow my syndicate here.

Thanks to Bram Kanstein for hunting (upvote right here)! Need a great MVP for your startup? Check out No-Code MVP.

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