Banks and credit for startups

Where to store your money and how to get credit

Banks for startups

Startups may have different banking needs than "normal" organisations. That's probably why a number of startup banks have emerged over the last couple of years. We're listing a couple here.
» Mercury - founded by Immad Akhund, a successful entrepreneur and angel
» SVB - Silicon Valley Bank has been catering to startups for some time
» NorthOne - challenger bank for SMB's and freelancers
» Oxygen - banking for "free thinkers, rebels and entrepreneurs"

Credit for startups

Startups may also have different credit needs than "normal" organisations. Some of the banks mentioned above can help with that. Additionally, there have been some highly successful startups recently offering credit cards to startups, most notably Brex. But there are a few more. We're listing them here.
» Brex - launched the first "true" credit card for startups
» Plastiq - pay with your credit card, even when they are not accepted
» Ramp - credit cards built from the ground up, as they claim