Startup studios

Build your startup with a little help

What are startup studios?

Startup studios (also called "venture builders" and "company builders") offer young companies (or people with just ideas) a range of services in order to create new companies at lightspeed. The studios offer all kinds of people (designers, developers, marketeers, brand builders, strategics and more), a place to work, infrastructure and more. In return, they usually take a piece of your equity (or a piece of future revenues).

Some of the best known startup studios

» Betaworks
» Idealab
» Science
» Rocket Internet
» Human ventures
» HVG Labs
» eFounders
» Eleven UK
» Saturn Five
» StepOne
» Madrona Venture Labs
» Pioneer Square Labs
» PreHype
» The Giant Pixel
» High Alpha
» Atomic
Also, check out this great spreadsheet with startup studios.

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