VCs on Twitter

What do VCs and Angels talk about?

Do VCs spend more time on Twitter than on deals?

Sometimes you would think the answer is "yes". At least for a certain group of people. Three things about that: (1) the quality of communication is (usually) really high, (2) they are strengthening their personal brand in order to get dealflow and (3) they are often plugging the companies they have a stake in. So it's really part of the job.

What about Clubhouse?!
A lot of VC talk has moved to Clubhouse, an audio-based social network. But since it's still in closed beta, a lot of us do not have access to those high quality talks. We need to use twitter to get informed.

VCs and angels on Twitter
There are many great VCs and angels on Twitter. We're just mentioning a couple of them. Once you follow them, you'll automatically see interesting convo's and find others to follow. Some of the people are extremely smart! Note: we're not listing general accounts from firms, just people.
» Naval Ravikant
» Fred Wilson
» David Hornik
» Brad Feld
» Marc Andreessen
» Josh Kopelman
» Mark Suster
» Jeremy Liew
» Bill Gurley
» Jeff Clavier
» Fred Destin
» Charles Hudson
» Bijan Sabet
» Jeremy Levine
» Rob Hayes
» Rob Go
» Howard Lindzon
» Dave McClure
» Brad Horowitz
» Mark Cuban
» Kevin Rose
» Peter Fenton
» Eileen Tso
» Esther Dyson
» Reid Hoffman
» Mike Maples
» Brianne Kimmel
» John Doerr
» Ryan Hoover
» Chris Sacca
» Elad Gil
» Guy Kawasaki
» Niv Dror
» David Pakman
» Christoph Janz
» Christine Herron
» Shervin Pishevar
» David Cohen
» Jeff Morris Jr.
» Om Malik
» Erik Torenberg
» Jason Calacanis
» David Cowan
» Ajay Agarwal
» Balaji Srinivasan
» Vinod Khosla
» David Lee
» Harry Stebbings
» Chamath Palihapitiya
» Matt Turck
» Erik Torenberg
» Garry Tan
» Bryce Roberts
» Tim Draper
» Hiten Shah

Parody VC Twitter accounts
There are a couple of parody VC Twitter accounts (and some have even gotton offers for funding, it's said). Some people love them, some hate them. Give it a try and decide for yourself.
» VC brags
» Nice to VCs
» VC starter kit
» Typical VC
» VC complaints

And also...
» How VCs choose Twitter bio's
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